Cypress Drilling (Rating, Warning)

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Rating from experience - Cypress Drilling and Production - Investing in oil & gas


: Cypress Drilling LLC, Cypress Production Inc., CEO Michael Morris, Texas. Drilling company.


From private investor to other private investors 2/2012 


Our Investments experience 

• Several European investors (Pylon) invested in different limited partnerships from 2008 on in drilling holes operated by Cypress Drilling LLC (oil and gas).
• Results after 2-3 years of drilling more than 10 holes: negative yields: minus 90-95 %. (worst cases) 
• Mostly dry holes and uneconomical holes  
• cheaper holes/more economic holes could be bought on the second-hand market instead of investing-drilling first-hand with Cypress.



Other aspects 

1) no or scarce reporting for over a year
2) unanswered emails  
3) no concept for restructuring (had to be done by the investors themselves and then under pressure finally with the help of American legal attorneys)  
4) no taking part in the restructuring financially or taking resposibility by Cypress Drilling


Ölbohrpumpe Don't bank on Cypress


Conclusion: Either incompetent, totally unlucky or fraudulent drilling company. Anyway: Non-investment grade.

Warning: Don't invest! You will lose money!



Investing Investment with Cypress Drilling